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  Architects Tape
5' architects' pocket tape 1/4" and 1/8" W393 $31.99
  Diameter Tape
6' diameter tape 1/8ths W606P $24.59
6' diameter tape 10ths W606PD $24.59
6' diameter tape metric W606PM $24.59
  Estimating Tape
5' architects' pocket tape 1/4" and 1/8" W393 $31.99
  Fiberglass Tape
Keson 3X Speed Wind Fiberglass Tapes SKU Prices
100' fiberglass tape 8ths or 10ths OTRSx100 $29.95
200' fiberglass tape 8ths or 10ths OTRSx200 $39.95
300' fiberglass tape 8ths or 10ths OTRSx300 $49.95
30M fiberglass tape 10ths/meters 8455-44 $29.95
60M fiberglass tape 10ths/meters 8453-46 $65.49
Quantity Pricing Available Call for Quote
  Lufkin Tape
  SKU Prices
Chrome Tape Replacement Ring End LF580 Discontinued
  Lufkin Power Tapes
Lufkin   SKU Prices
33'/10M power tape 8ths/M 2410CME $25.80
26'/8M power tape 8ths/M HV1048CME $15.99
33'/10M power tape 10ths/M PHV1433DM $19.95
25' power tape 8ths/10ths PHV1425D $18.99
25' power tape 10ths PHV1425ED $18.99
  Steel Tape
Keson SKU Prices
6' diameter tape 8ths D-1864-6 $8.40
100' nylon / steel tape NR1X100 $54.95
200' nylon / steel tape NR1X200 $91.25
300' nylon / steel tape SNRX300 $259.95
Specify Inches or Tenths When Ordering
  Power Tape
Keson   SKU Prices
25' power tape 10ths PG1025 $11.30
25' power tape 8ths/10ths PG181025 $13.50
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