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GA-52CX Schonstedt Magnetic Locator GA-52Cx Schonstedt Magnetic locator for ferrous metals only, audio reference only $849.00
GS-72Cd Schonstedt Magnetic Locator GA-72Cd Schonstedt Magnetic locator w/polarity for ferrous metals only, audio and visual reference $985.00
GA-92XTd Schonstedt Compact Magnetic Locator GA-92XTd Schonstedt Compact Magnetic locator w/ holster and meter $985.00
Schonstedt Maggie Maggie All the accuracy of the 52Cx, with the single-handed operation of the 92XT. $849.00
  Cable / Utility
Schonstedt XTpc+ Pipe and Cable Locator XTpc+

SCHONSTEDT XTpc+ Pipe and Cable Locator
Schonstedt's new multi-frequency pipe and cable locator is the industry standard for all utilities: electrical, telecommunications, water, sewer, gas and underground construction.

Schonstedt MPC (Multi-Purpose Combo) Kits MPC Schonstedt MPC (Multi-Purpose Combo) Kits
The MPC Kit finds it all underground! The Schonstedt MPC Kit is the most portable, versatile, and accurate way to find it all underground. The Kit includes a GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and an XTpc Pipe and Cable Locator and all the accessories.
MPC Kit Includes: GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator, XTpc Pipe & Cable Locator, Inductive Antenna, Transmitter, Holster Clip, Ground Stake, Power Supply & Charger for XTpc (AC/DC), Conductive Clps Assembly, Small Heavy Dute Conductive Clip, Locating 101 Manual, Instruction Manual for XTpc & GA-92XTd, Rugged carrying hard case with custom foam insert
  Available in 3 Models:  
  MPC-800 XTpc-82 Pipe and Cable Locator with 512 Hz Sonde capability, 82 kHz inductive antenna, ground stake, holster clip, small heavy dute conductive clip, AC/ DC power supplly and charger, GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and hard carrying case. $3,399.00
  MPC-300 XTpc-33 Pipe & Cable Locator with 521 Hz Sonde capability, 33 kHz inductive antenna, ground stake, holster clip, small heavy duty conductive clip, AC/DC power supply and charger, GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and hard carrying case. $3,399.00
  MPC-500 XT-512 Camera & Sonde Locator with 512 Hz Sonde capability, holster clip and GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and hard carrying case. $2,461.00
Accessories for XTpc and TraceMaster
TM-50910 512KHz mini xmitter (Sonde) $579.00
PC60000 3" Inductive clamp $399.00
PC60001 5" Inductive clamp $489.00
PC20010 82kHz Inductive Antenna $249.00
TM70001-1 Large Heavy Duty Conductive Clip $45.00
208263 Ground Stake $49.25
PC20013 Auto Adapter $20.00
PC20022 Power Supply Cord $8.59
PC20012 Charger, 20w $152.85
PC20018 18v Universal Power Supply $38.59
301646 Inductive signal clamp for MAC-51Bx $369.00
MT-2 Mini transmitter "Mole" for MAC-51b/Bx $438.00
H30006 Headset for SCHONSTEDT locators $49.00
TM60001 5" Inductive clamp $425.00
TM50910 Mini transmitter "Mole" for TraceMaster & XTpc $545.00
Training: Utility locating is more "art" than science. The skills needed to locate buried utilities are aquired through experience. If you do not have the time, or desire, to learn by trial and error, ask about our locator training. Our basic training will get you up to speed in a few short hours. Using real world examples in our neighborhood, you will practice different locating techniques and learn the basic principals required to use this technology effectively.
  2 hr. Basic Training $250.00
         ($80/hr. each additional hour)  
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